Healthiest guac on toast ever!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I wanted to share this recipe because I’ve gotten so many questions about how I do my avokado on toast on instagram. So I thought it would be the best thing to share today.

You’ll soon realise that this isn’t just the normal avokado on toast, but it’s even tastier and even healthier!!

Soooo, let’s begin!

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This is what you’re gonna need. Some kale or spinach, I have a little of both. A cucumber, a tomato, a sweet potato, quinoa, avokado and bread. Other than that I used some spices I have pictures of later, and some vegan cream cheese.

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The first thing you wanna do is putting your oven 200 degrees celsius. Then cut your sweet potato to fries sizes and coat them with the spices in the picture under this! Put them in the oven for about 30 minutes. The time may be a little shorter or longer with the different sizes of your fries.

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These are the spices I’ve used. Cayenne pepper, cumin and paprika. They give the perfect taste, and very good for you!

After you’ve put them in the oven it’s time to cook your quinoa.
Quinoa is a very «popular» food at the moment, and very on trend. But there is a reason for that! Quinoa is a great source for protein, but also many minerals, vitamins and fibre!

Put 5dl of quinoa in your pan and cook it with 10dl water. When the waters is fully absorbed it’s ready to go!

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You wanna let the quinoa cool for a bit whilst you mash your avokado, cut up your veggies and get yourself two pieces of bread.

When that’s all done you mix the quinoa in with the avokado and thats ready. I used some more of the of the same spices I used on the potatoes.

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These are the cream cheeses I used on the bread, but obviously you can youse whatever you desire, or nothing at all. Then I put some kale one one of the pieces, and spinach on the other. Topped that with the «quacamole» and then topped that again with the tomato and cucumber. It ended up looking like this.

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When the potatoes are out of the oven you can put it on the plate, and ready to dig in.
This is honestly something that will keep you filled up for hours, and you’re gonna have enough energy to do a hard work out too!

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe, and I’ll talk to you soon!


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