Heisann kjære nordmenn..

Jeg har nå tenkt til å begynne å blogge på norsk. Har ikke noe særlig krav til hvor mye jeg kommer til å blogge fremover, fordi eksamen nærmer seg, og jeg bruker all tiden min i ishallen, men jeg tar alt som det kommer og gleder meg til å begynne å skrive igjen!

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Kommer fortsatt til å snakke mye om mat, men også mer om livet mitt generelt fremover. I det siste har det vært ganske mye som har skjedd, og jeg tenkte å oppdatere dere litt.

Jeg sluttet sesongen i Luxembourg. Og ja, hva skal jeg si om det. Seriøst den rareste konkurransen noen sinne. Jeg gledet meg så utrolig mye til å gå kortprogrammet mitt en siste gang. Hvis dere har fulgt med meg gjennom sesongen, har dere sikkert sett at jeg elsket det programmet sååå mye, og i Luxembourg var siste gang jeg skulle få gå det. Jeg forventet av meg selv å gå helt perfekt, og gi hele tribunen frysninger.. Og det skjedde jo ikke akkurat. Jeg endte opp med å gå det dårligste løpet i mitt liv, og ikke nok med det. Når jeg satt meg ned på «kiss & cry» benken – sier «hva faen var det der for noe», til Berit… Så faller hele benken sammen, jeg og Berit tryner, velter en stor plante og søler jord over hele «kiss & cry»..

Så den dagen kunne jo ikke blitt dårligere, jeg var rimelig forbanna på meg selv og holdt meg egentlig unna alle mennesker, kom meg fort tilbake til hotellet og skrek høyt ned i puta.


Langprogram dagen ble annerledes. Ettersom jeg var så sur at jeg hadde lyst til å slå ned alle jeg så 🙂 klarte jeg å være utrolig fokusert gjennom hele programmet, og gikk faktisk det beste programmet noen sinne. Så ja, det ble jo en berg og dalbane tur, kan du si..

Å komme hjem til Norge, vite at sesongen var over og kunne la meg selv slappe av var så deilig. Denne sesongen har jo vært utrolig spesiell for meg. Etter å ikke klare å kvalle til OL, flytte hjem til Norge, føle et stort press til å prestere i EM og begynne på SKOLE igjen..


Slik har dagene gått.. Og enda mer skjer fremover. Har tenkt til å komme med en PART 2 hvor jeg kan forklare litt om mine nye program, hva jeg holder på med akkurat nå, og hva som er planene for sommeren.

Jeg har virkelig savnet å skrive, og dette er noe jeg synes er så deilig.. Så har lyst til å fortsette med dette, og spesielt komme sterkt tilbake etter eksamen!



How to make sushi.

Long time now see!

I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last post. I have had so much to do, like competing, training, eating and sleeping.. You know, the usual..

But a few weeks ago I managed to lose my phone on the screen of my macbook and it’s been getting «work done» since. So after my mac has gotten the «facelift» it needed, we’re back and better looking than ever.

If you follow me on instagram – @sondreboe, you might have been a part of the question if my next post should me how to make sushi, or overnight oats. Sushi won with 51% so let’s just get right into it!


Sushi isn’t only very delicious, but also sooo good for you! I obviously make mine without fish, so I get in all of those delicious veggies. The seaweed itself tho.. That’s the king of nutrients here. Seaweed is much more nutrient dense than any land vegetables. It is an excellent source of micronutrients including folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and selenium. More importantly, seaweed is a great source of iodine. Iodine is something we don’t get into are diet in a natural way, so that’s why it’s so good to have some seaweed every now and then.

For this recipe I used:

  1. Avokado
  2. Paprika
  3. Mango
  4. Cucumber
  5. Green onion
  6. Black beans
  7. Rice, with rice vinegar
  8. Sundried tomatos
  9. Seaweed.

You wanna start by cooking up your desired amount of rice, and cut your veggies into thin, long slices.

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When your rice is cooked, you put a little (about two Tblsp of rice vinegar) and mix it in.

Then you lay the seaweed, shiny side down (I think) on this roller thing you see on the picture. You can get this at any normal gorcery stores.

You put the rice on 2/3 of the seaweed and build it up with the filling how I’ve shown on this picture.

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When you start rolling it up you wanna make sure you go fast over all of your filling, and press it all together. When you you get to where there’s no more rice, you put some water on the seaweed without rice and continue rolling. When your roll is finished you press it all together one more time, and then cut it up to the pieces you want.

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I suggest serving it with Soy sauce and ginger (what a revolutionary combo)!

Snapseed 2

If you make this at home, I’d love to see it on Instagram. If you have a suggestion for what I can give you guys in a recipe next, let me know!!

-Sondre x


Healthiest guac on toast ever!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I wanted to share this recipe because I’ve gotten so many questions about how I do my avokado on toast on instagram. So I thought it would be the best thing to share today.

You’ll soon realise that this isn’t just the normal avokado on toast, but it’s even tastier and even healthier!!

Soooo, let’s begin!

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This is what you’re gonna need. Some kale or spinach, I have a little of both. A cucumber, a tomato, a sweet potato, quinoa, avokado and bread. Other than that I used some spices I have pictures of later, and some vegan cream cheese.

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The first thing you wanna do is putting your oven 200 degrees celsius. Then cut your sweet potato to fries sizes and coat them with the spices in the picture under this! Put them in the oven for about 30 minutes. The time may be a little shorter or longer with the different sizes of your fries.

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These are the spices I’ve used. Cayenne pepper, cumin and paprika. They give the perfect taste, and very good for you!

After you’ve put them in the oven it’s time to cook your quinoa.
Quinoa is a very «popular» food at the moment, and very on trend. But there is a reason for that! Quinoa is a great source for protein, but also many minerals, vitamins and fibre!

Put 5dl of quinoa in your pan and cook it with 10dl water. When the waters is fully absorbed it’s ready to go!

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You wanna let the quinoa cool for a bit whilst you mash your avokado, cut up your veggies and get yourself two pieces of bread.

When that’s all done you mix the quinoa in with the avokado and thats ready. I used some more of the of the same spices I used on the potatoes.

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These are the cream cheeses I used on the bread, but obviously you can youse whatever you desire, or nothing at all. Then I put some kale one one of the pieces, and spinach on the other. Topped that with the «quacamole» and then topped that again with the tomato and cucumber. It ended up looking like this.

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When the potatoes are out of the oven you can put it on the plate, and ready to dig in.
This is honestly something that will keep you filled up for hours, and you’re gonna have enough energy to do a hard work out too!

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe, and I’ll talk to you soon!



Europeans 2018

Hi everyone.

Last week I was in Moscow for the European championships. I took the week of blogging, so I thought it was only right to give a little recap of the experience today.

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I arrived on Sunday and started training on Monday. I was so lucky to get to be in the same practice group as the winner of the last 6 European championships, Javier Fernandez. It’s alway so inspiring to share the ice with such amazing athletes.

I skated my short program on Wednesday. After two days of good practices I felt confident in being able to deliver a good performance. But competing one day, and not knowing if you will make it to the final makes everything a little scarier. I also knew this would be the hardest Europeans to qualify in ever, so I really had to bring it.


Luckily that’s what I did. BRING IT.

All through the program I managed to take one thing at a time, and not think about what’s next. I also felt like I was able to sell the program from start to finish.

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Just to qualify in a field like this was difficult. The competition has never been this hard, so I was very pleased to get a chance to skate my free program too!

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The next practices was also very good, and I really was able to show my best side of skating.


I got to the free program, expecting a very good performance from myself. I knew I had the hard work behind me to do what I wanted. And the beginning of the program showed all of that. I have to say, the beginning of my free program is my favorite choreography I’ve ever skated, so I loved doing that in front of such a big audience.


Later on in the program I got very tired, and wasn’t able to perform 100% til the end. But all in all, I’m very pleased with the total of the competition.

I really have to give a huge thank you to everyones messages throughout the week. I’ve never gotten so much love from all of you guys and I appreciate it sooo much. This week has been so inspiring and a huge motivation boost for me, and I can’t wait to continue the work to become the best performer and skater I can.


We ended the week with some sightseeing in beautiful Moscow. we got to see amazing buildings and architecture and have some really good food. The banquette took place in a beautiful building where we had a great time with very good entertainers.

With that I’ll say thank you again, and next time I’ll be back with some amazing food ideas 😉



Where do you get your protein bro??

Hi again..

I wanted to do a little post where I just answer the question I get the most when I tell people I’m eat a plant-based diet.

Where do you get your protein?

And the answer to this is very easy. I get my protein from the sources your «protein» gets their protein. Let me explain. Most protein comes from plants in the first place anyways, and the animal people eat are fed with these plants or gets it injected in them.

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This pic was taken just about three weeks after I went vegan..


And this was taken just now, five months on a vegan diet. As do you muscles aren’t a problem.. haha

But you probably think I look too skinny, but as a figure skater I obviously need that.. But there are vegan bodybuilders and weight lifters out there like this guy..


Soooo you see… There’s really 0 problems to build your body how you want on a vegan diet!!

If yo read the facts stated here. You’ll even see that the protein you get directly from plants are SOOOO much better for you. Cause when you get protein from broccoli, beans or spinach and all that goodness.. you only get other good things with it. When you get your protein generally from animals, you also get a bunch of saturated fat and high cholesterol.. Why would you give that to your body on a daily bases when you really don’t need to?

In doctor Michael Gregor’s book, «How not to die», he actually promotes only eating plant-based food, and he has beans as the most important food to add into your diet. The reason beans are the most important food to get into your diet is that it’s a huge source of protein, but you also get important nutrients that’s only in the plant kingdom, like fiber, folate and potassium. You really get the best of both worlds from beans!!

As you saw in my last post I used chia seeds in my oatmeal. Chia seeds are these little seeds that are filled up with all of the goodness your body needs. Protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals are just some of the things you get from these seeds. That’s why I include them in my breakfast every day!

Last, but not least are the thing most of you probably don’t wanna hear. Green leafed vegetables. Vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale are also a very high in protein. In the book «How not to die» Dr. Gregor mentions broccoli more than any other food. This is really not a joke, but broccoli has been proven to prevent DNA damage and metastatic cancer spread. And a great source of PROTEIN.

I am really not a doctor. But I really think the book «How not to die» is a book everyone should get through.

With that I hope I answered everyones biggest concern in a good way, and that everyone understands that I’m far from being protein deficient 🙂



Breakfast of champions.

Happy Sunday everyone.

It’s cold here in Norway, so when I have time in the morning (which I have most days), I love having a warm and tasty breakfast. Personally I’m a huge fan of oatmeal. The reason I love having it is because it fills me up for hours, I’m able to train really hard and not feel empty at all, and it tastes amazing!!

So I thought it was only right that my first recipe post would be an oatmeal one. And also, not only one, but my two favorite oatmeal recipes!

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If you are trying the «new year, new me» thing that we all pretend is gonna change our lives every year, than these recipes are perfect!

The base of all my oatmeals goes like this..

  1. 1dl water
  2. 1dl unsweetned almond milk
  3. 1dl oats
  4. 2Tbls chia seeds.

And then depending on the day I add different things into it. The first one I’m gonna share with you is the «carrot cake oatmeal». This one is inspired by Niomi Smart who’s a huge inspiration to me. I’ve changed up her recipe to how I like it.

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So we begin with the base. Then we add..

  1. 1tsp cinnamon
  2. 1tsp nutmeg
  3. 1tsp ginger powder
  4. 2Tblsp sweetner of choice.. (I like maple syrup or honey)
  5. Raisins.
  6. 1 grated carrot.

Add all of that with the base and let it cook until its warm..

Then I top it with whatever I’m feeling that specific day, but I love having some almonds or walnuts, flax seeds, coconut flakes, blueberries and bananas…

Just to let you know.. Having a carrot in your oatmeal tastes soooo much better and it sounds, and it’s also super good for you!

The second oatmeal recipe is something I came up with myself. I love apple and cinnamon – anything, so I decided to make an «apple pie oatmeal».

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Let’s Just begin with the same base, and add in:

  1. 1 tsp cinnamon
  2. 1 tsp ginger powder
  3. 1/2 an apple, garted
  4. 1/2 apple, cut into pieces
  5. 1 banana
  6. A bunch of rasisns
  7. Sweetner of choice (honey or maple syrup)

Then again, I mix all that with the base and let it cook, just like last time.

And top it with whatever you’d like.

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And WALLAH, there you have the my two favorite oatmeal recipes. I hope you guys will try them, and get back to me with what you think!

I just have to explain the pictures.. I made both these recipes for my family, so that’s why it looks sooo much more than the recipe 🙂

See ya,



The very beginning..

Hello, and happy new year to you all.

As some of you might know I have been blogging in the past, but ended it, and now I’m taking it up again..

If you don’t know who I am, you can read about that in the here.

But I wanna get straight to the reason why I’ve started blogging (again).

If you know who I am or follow me on Instagram you have probably realized that I’m very into food, and more specific, healthy food. I have been interested in it for a while, and I’ve learned a lot the past year. I have been reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos and having conversations about health choices and food , and I have decided to share my journey with all of you guys.


So let’s get to it.. I went «plant-based» better known as «vegan» about five months ago, and I’ve have been noticing big and important changes to my life quality in general. I have more energy than ever, I sleep better, I train better, I’m generally happier, I haven’t been sick once and I feel proud of what I’m doing.

I don’t wanna tell anyone that what they’re doing is wrong, or what I’m doing is right. I simply wanna share what I do, and hopefully inspire others to try the same. If anyone have questions I’m glad to answer and try to help by the best of my ability. I’m definitely not a nutritionist, and I don’t wanna come across as someone who thinks he know’s everything, but I’m gonna share my experiences with the different subjects we come across.

Let’s learn from each other!!

I really hope you wanna continue this journey with me, and let me know if you have anything you want me to blog about!

Talk to you soon..